The WavesGo API

Last update: 02/June/2017

WavesGo offers an API that extends the default Waves API available in every node.

This page lists all available end-points in WavesGo.

Payment API

The payment API generates a temporary Waves address to receive funds. Once funds are received, they are transfered to the final destination account and the temporary account is deleted.


Inputs (GET):
  • Destination_Address: The destination Waves address where funds will be sent to

  • Output
  • newAddress: The temporary address for sending funds to
  • originalAddress: The destination address where funds will be sent to

  • Example:

    Example Call

    Example Response
    { “newAddress”: “3P2LZVYrrHfV6eDBwQZxyDLVwB5Jrjx9iUa”, “originalAddress”: “3P2HNUd5VUPLMQkJmctTPEeeHumiPN2GkTb” }