The WavesGo Mining Pool

Last update: 07/May/2017

Waves uses LPOS (Leased Proof of Stake). This technology enables you to 'mine' Waves and get paid for your contribution without having to run a server or any software yourself.

In order to 'mine' waves all you need to do is lease the mining power to the WavesGo mining address (your Waves will never actually leave your account). You continue to be eligible for receiving assets and benefits from your Waves (such as WCT) while your Waves are being leased to us.

How does it work?

We tried to make it as easy as possible. You lease your Waves to us and every Friday we send you your share of the profits generated by the pool (minus the transaction fee of 0.001) according to the amount of Waves you leased.

You need to leave your waves with us for a minimum of 7 days. If you cancel your lease before 7 days you won't get any fees. You will get fees in proportion to the time you leased so if you start to lease on Wednesday, you will get 2 days worth of fees on Friday.

You don't need to re-lease after every Friday! Just leave your Waves leased to us and you will carry on getting paid every Friday.

How much do you pay? Do you charge a fee?

Our payment schedule is as follows:

  • Waves Fees generated: We distribute 100% (so we keep nothing)
  • MRT (MinersReward Token): We distribute 50% to leasers, 25% to WGO holders and keep 25%
  • WGO (WavesGo Tokens): We distribute about 100k WGO to leasers (for a limited time)

  • Leasing to WavesGo continues to be the safest and best way to generate revenue in Waves!

    How much money can I make?

    It depends on how much fees are generated by the Waves network and how much Waves you lease to us. To have an idea of how much in fees are generated every day by the entire Waves network check this page:

    This would be how much is generated by all miners per day, so your share will be a small percentage of that.

    Is there a minimum amount of Waves I can lease?

    No, but we will only send your weekly payment if you are due more than 0.001 Waves.

    Great, tell me what's the easiest way to lease my waves

    Just open the Waves lite client and go to the leasing tab.

    If you prefer the cowboy way, feel free to try the instructions below.

    How to use

    UPDATE: As of 2nd/May/2017 you can lease and unlease directly from the Waves liteclient. Just lease to the Waves address shown above: 3P2HNUd5VUPLMQkJmctTPEeeHumiPN2GkTb.