WavesGO tokens


WGO Supply
10,000,000 (10 million)
WGO price
Distribution: 53% done
WGO is the official WavesGo token, issued and managed by the WavesGo team in the Waves blockchain. You can find the official WGO token here:

Investing in WGO is not just about helping the WavesGo project and the Waves blockchain, but it also provides holders with a share of profits generated by WavesGo (including new products to be launched by WavesGo), the opportunity to influence projects and decisions and the opportunity to take part in the increase in value of WGO over time. Check the white paper below for more info.

WGO is being distributed over 3 months (from April to July 2017). Between those dates, you can receive WGO by holding WCT (the Waves Community Token), by leasing Waves to the WavesGo LPOS pool, or simply buying directly from the market using the Waves DEX or other exchanges.


Download the whitepaper
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